Sunday, August 27, 2017

Poems from Bali

Nature of all things

As I stood beneath the tree
decorated with offerings
to gods, spirits and ancestors
I became one with everything
tiny birds swooped, almost touching
as they flew beside me
the ancient banyan tree
all encompassing
drawing me towards nature
the spirit of all things

Call of the ancestors

Wind travels across sea
carrying the sound of gamelan
I can feel the dance of the barong
and the call of ancient spirits

push and pull of water's edge
languid with the heat of the day
the heavy sway of palm trees
and cornucopia of frangipani

offerings and aromas
spices to appease the gods
the distant drum of volcanoes
and heady forest paths

moonlight, giant and fecund
hangs with evening heat
the glow of sunset over mountains
vast as mother temple

I wake to morning prayer
and the sweet smell of incense
surrounded by a sunrise
as big as the world beneath it