Friday, September 22, 2017

Last meeting

In memory of my Nan (1927-28/8/2017)

I keep trying to remember
what happened
when I saw you last
how it all played out
what we spoke about

memories of small talk
are patchy at best

I remember laughter

you gave me
a small green elephant
as I was leaving
and a tissue box
wrapped in floral fabric
with fine lace
and a gift bag
for no good reason
except it was covered in red hearts

we hugged each other tightly
and both said I love you

ironic the tissues I use
to grieve you
come from that same box

it's spring now
you would love all the blossoms
and birds
and the beautiful pink sunset

purple irises have magically
appeared in the front garden
to remind me you're
still around

if only I could speak to you again