Monday, September 25, 2017

Modern love

I want to feel the heat 
of your breath on my skin
with the contours of your body
moving seamlessly with mine

where all conversation ends
as we drown in our completeness

wrap my fingers around
the soft tufts of hair
at the nape of your neck
and taste the sea of you

feel your arms
weathered and strong
pulled around me, tightly
holding me safe as though
the world will never end

Friday, September 22, 2017

Last meeting

In memory of my Nan (1927-28/8/2017)

I keep trying to remember
what happened
when I saw you last
how it all played out
what we spoke about

memories of small talk
are patchy at best

I remember laughter

you gave me
a small green elephant
as I was leaving
and a tissue box
wrapped in floral fabric
with fine lace
and a gift bag
for no good reason
except it was covered in red hearts

we hugged each other tightly
and both said I love you

ironic the tissues I use
to grieve you
come from that same box

it's spring now
you would love all the blossoms
and birds
and the beautiful pink sunset

purple irises have magically
appeared in the front garden
to remind me you're
still around

if only I could speak to you again

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Poems from Bali

Nature of all things

As I stood beneath the tree
decorated with offerings
to gods, spirits and ancestors
I became one with everything
tiny birds swooped, almost touching
as they flew beside me
the ancient banyan tree
all encompassing
drawing me towards nature
the spirit of all things

Call of the ancestors

Wind travels across sea
carrying the sound of gamelan
I can feel the dance of the barong
and the call of ancient spirits

push and pull of water's edge
languid with the heat of the day
the heavy sway of palm trees
and cornucopia of frangipani

offerings and aromas
spices to appease the gods
the distant drum of volcanoes
and heady forest paths

moonlight, giant and fecund
hangs with evening heat
the glow of sunset over mountains
vast as mother temple

I wake to morning prayer
and the sweet smell of incense
surrounded by a sunrise
as big as the world beneath it

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The wound

Everything turned deep that day
as I slowly peeled away at the edges
revealing the wound
that longed to be exposed

she went too deep, they said
she always goes too deep

and here I was
believing truth was everything

lips, another shade of crimson
full with yearning
still seeking approval

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gift of absence

After all the death
this year

we’re left with thinking
about what remains

and how all of us are entwined
with miracles

Sunday, July 2, 2017


I don’t want forever
in the scheme of things
forever is an eternity
and I don’t want
to wait around that long

if it’s okay with you
I’ll take now
because that’s all we have

a moment of seeing your truth
for the first time
naked, soul to soul
to me is worth a lifetime

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Each day I become someone new
every story I’ve lived is impressed
upon my existence like fine tissue paper
wrapped roughly around jagged stone

my once, soft skin feels foreign
and tired beneath weary fingers
hands that held on too tightly
to things past
learning to let go is hard
it takes its toll

each day I become someone new

learning to forget is difficult
under the guise of forgiveness
unless it breaks
whatever is left of a weary soul

facing regrets and mistakes
of what could be
or should have been
reminiscing in vain

accepting the truth of what is
is harder than denial or blame
so I blame you
and stars that burn the night sky
and paintings that float forever in space