Sunday, November 4, 2018

Emotions run deep
like wild fire through her veins
a phoenix reborn

(Poem from My Beautiful Scars)


I used to think I was too much
my heart
too big
too filled, wanting
or at times too small

and then I realised

it isn't easy to love a woman like me
someone who feels so deeply, so intense
it must be frightening

to love me is to be brave
and not everyone
is strong

(Poem from My Beautiful Scars)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The kookaburras

It was just like yesterday
when we sat on your porch
feeding the kookaburras
you folded mince
between your fingertips
and placed it on the railing  
knowing that at any moment
the birds would fly in

it was one of those mornings
when the sun had come up
and the air was still fresh
with the dawn
we didn’t talk a lot
not because we had nothing to say
but because the silence
meant much more

I knew this was going to be
one of those moments
a memory that stays with you
to be recollected

I think you knew that too

we thought it would last forever
and had all the time in the world

(Poem from My Beautiful Scars)